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Outsourcing Communication…

We have studied three means of communication in our school/collage:-
1). Oral
2). Written
3). Non Verbal (Sign, body language etc.)

apart from above there is one another medium too ..  which I have discovered with my personal experiance  & that is …

“Outsourcing” Communication

which means … Tell to some another person (preferable a girl..considered as fastest means of communication :P) ..  i.e. via third party & your message will surely reach at target ,,,

but there are also chances of moderation in message & gossips around unwanted people so if you want to deliver your message indirectly to your target person correctly then...

Choose the Right Person at Right Time to outsource your  communication so that it must reach  without any deviation to the Right Targeted Person.

It might be funny but true… as all of us have experienced it sometime somewhere in our life..

😉 😉 😛 😀 8)

-Originally written by Aniruddh Jaisalmeria …. ANNI 🙂


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