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Voice against Terror

Hi !

here is a question for all of u..

What was your 1st expression or feeling when you heard about the recent blasts (13th July 2011) in Mumbai?

The ans is definitely be the combination of –

By Common Man:-

  •  “Oh no! again blasts.”
  • Watched the news just to get updates about the areas blasts.
  •  Contacting all of your relatives & friends in Mumbai to ensure they are fine.
  • Not taken it so seriously as this is now a very common thing in India.
  • Must have cursed our govt. & politicians and hold them responsible for not punishing    the terrorists.

& By Politicians:-

  • President, Prime Minister, Sonia condemn blasts.  (The Hindu)
  • The Maharashtra government today announced a compensation of Rs. 5 Lakh to the families of those killed and Rs. 50,000 to those injured in the triple bomb blasts  (DNA News)
  • “Govt. will do anything to prevent attacks in future – PM”  (Times of India)

And the most important thing we all of us be doing is Security checking at all stations & bus stops;  advising people taking care about any suspect thing around ; special care while traveling in trains.

And after few days or month … everyone will forget it & become careless giving invitation to next sequel of terror.


We are living in a country India which loves to share her rich heritage with her guests, and believes in the philosophy “ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH”—Guest is God.

The Law here also seems to follow the same as there are no fast-track decisions made to punish the terrorists who have killed so many people and enjoying their life even in Jails.

To whom legislatures of our country are afraid of making strict laws??
Is it the reason that they too are so corrupted that they don’t want to let their own law making them guilty one day??

There is no day when we don’t find any heading in newspaper stating one political party blaming another one for any mischief.

Wouldn’t it be better if instead of wasting time in blaming one-another these people invest that time in consulting & discussing about the development & safety of the country and also implementing them?

Here we can easily find news about people’s personal life, all the events in celebrities even where they are going. Then why couldn’t we find the terrorists who are living between us only.

Our Govt. always says that India will be a developed country by 2020. But how it could be if it doesn’t have rules & laws like developed countries. We have best example of United States of America which doesn’t waste time to destroy whoever puts a bad eye on them. They have found Laden even from Pakistan & shot him there only.

And we are still unable to find the terrorists who are hiding in our country only.


Only blaming the govt. for not enforcing security measures & law is not just enough,

We – the common man also have duties & responsibilities for our country.

Following our tradition of welcoming guests is not a wrong thing but what is wrong is we easily trust anyone. It is always a limit for everything. There is a well-known saying – “Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.”

Here we can fight the person/people who if enters our house & make nuisance then why not the terrorists.

In every citizen there lies a soldier who can fight for his country’s safety & security.

If anybody of you have watched movie “A Wednesday” must have influenced by the concept of attack against terrorism by a common man.

Although it’s a reel story, we the common man can make it real by joining hands against terrorism strictly.

In past few months I have heard frequents news about dying of patients in hospital while on treatment made their relatives violent which lead to violent activities at hospitals & Doctors are bitten who are actually not always at fault. Then why can’t we punish the people who are really the killers of many human beings.

And not just this example, we can also find that how easily people come out on roads to make violence if someone gets injustice or got injured/killed in accident.

Just like that we have to also come out and find & finish those bastards who are spreading terror in people.

To stop terrorism it is necessary that we must finish every terrorist we find on the spot. Instead of keeping in custody & waiting for sentenced them, they must be shot in encounter.

If every Indian becomes aware 24*7 hours for his country we can make it not only a safe country to live but also make it a developed country from developing one.

Thanks & Regards,
▒αηιяυ∂∂ђ▒ツ αηηι

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